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Watch Wayne Simmonds Demolish Eric Brewer In A Bit Of The Old Hockey Ultraviolence

Oh man, the manner in which Flyers forward Wayne Simmonds destroys Lightning defenseman Eric Brewer with a series of violent uppercuts and roundhouse rights to the melon during a second period fight during Tampa Bay’s 5-1 victory Tuesday night? Shocking in its brutality.

Brewer, as a result of being treated like a hockey player-sized punching bag, is now reportedly day-to-day after returning to the ice for some unknown reason during the third period. I can’t imagine Brewer could even see straight after the savage beating he took, let alone be a functioning player on the ice. Probably should have let him sit the rest of the game out.

And as a special bonus, the video also includes Scott Hartnell taking a swing at the Lightning bench with his stick which prompted Ryan Malone to hop over the boards to respond, resulting in 10-minute game misconduct penalties for both players. You gotta love hockey.

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