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Lakers Coach Mike Brown Was Once A Huge ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Nerd

In a recent profile of Los Angeles Lakers head coach Mike Brown on (via Media Daily LA), writer Lee Jenkins briefly addresses the fact that when he was a teenager, Brown, much like me, was a huge Dungeons & Dragons dweeb.

At Sabin Middle School in Colorado Springs, Mike was the Dungeon Master for Dungeons & Dragons games, writing all the strategies and character descriptions because he thought his friends’ penmanship was too sloppy.

A Dungeon Master, even? Awesome.That’s like being at the top of Adolescent Dork Food Chain! The story also mentions that Brown still plays a little D&D from time-to-time with his 14-year-old son, Cameron. With this new-found information, I would happily lend Mike Brown my old school Dungeon Master’s Guide, Monster Manual and Players Handbook, not to mention my complete World of Greyhawk campaign setting so long as he gets me courtside seats to a few Lakers games. Seems like a fair exchange for me.

And yes, I honestly believe all the Dungeons & Dragons paraphernalia listed above is sitting somewhere in a box at my parents’ house. And yes, I know I am super cool because of that fact. Jealous?