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Empire State Building Lit Up With Rangers And Flyers Colors For Winter Classic (Pic)

On Wednesday, the Empire State Building was lit up with the colors of both teams that will play in the 2012 Winter Classic on Jan. 2: blue, red and white on the east and west sides of the building for the New York Rangers and orange and white on the north and south sides for the Philadelphia Flyers.

A portion of the press release (via

The Empire State Building’s world-famous tower lights will shine in Rangers and Flyers colors on Wednesday evening. The east/west sides of the building, with west facing Madison Square Garden, will be lit in the Rangers’ Blue, Red and White, while its north/south sides, with south facing the City of Philadelphia, will be lit in the Flyers’ Orange and White.

In Philadelphia, the PECO Main Office Building’s iconic Crown Lights, which display scrolling text around the top of the 23rd and Market Street building, also will celebrate the Rangers, Flyers and 2012 NHL Bridgestone Winter Classic on Dec. 28 with scrolling text in recognition of the outdoor match-up between the two storied teams. The Crown Lights will also display 2012 NHL Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic text on Thursday, Dec. 29 and Monday, Jan. 1.

Certainly an impressive display, although I wish the NHL would have come up with a more imaginative way to celebrate the Winter Classic in Philadelphia since the game will be played in that city, not New York. But hey, let us not nitpick here. Look: pretty lights!