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Ducks Coach Slow On The Uptake About Why A Dead Duck Was Thrown On The Ice

By now you have likely seen the video or at least heard about what occurred Monday night at HP Pavilion when a Sharks fan threw a dead duck on the ice during a game between Anaheim and San Jose. Further, I imagine most of you out there were able to connect the dots about why said duck carcass was tossed onto the ice quite readily. Or, at the very least, much more quickly than the time it required Ducks head coach Bruce Boudreau to solve what to him was evidently quite the monumental brain teaser.

In fact, by the sounds of it, it took Boudreau — who is clearly still getting acclimated to his new gig as Ducks head coach after getting fired by the Capitals earlier this season — nearly an entire day to solve the riddle. Said Boudreau on Tuesday afternoon (from an Orange County Register report, via Pro Hockey Talk):

“I might be the dumbest guy in the world, but I saw that, I saw that it was a duck, and I just got it,” Boudreau said. “Just now. We’re the Ducks. I just got it, yeah.”

Nah, not the dumbest guy in the world, but it sure makes for an amusing story. Boudreau continued:

“I was thinking, ‘Why are they throwing a duck?’ ” Boudreau said. “I’m thinking ostrich. I’m thinking whatever they throw in Detroit. I’m thinking, ‘Why are they throwing a duck?’ And now, hey, we’re the Ducks.

“I guess I was in Washington a little too long.”

Haha. That’s hilarious. Sounds to me like Boudreau was in Washington a little too long and might have huffed too many chemicals while doing ads for a D.C. carpet cleaning service back when he was coaching the Capitals.