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Diego Maradona Edition? Cocaine-Filled Soccer Balls Seized At NJ Airport

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Over five pounds of a powdery substance stuffed later determined to be cocaine was intercepted by customs agents last week at Newark Liberty Airport in New Jersey. Smugglers were attempting to sneak the cocaine into the country by stuffing it into deflated soccer balls.


On Thursday, customs agents were inspecting Heber Razuri Leon’s luggage after the 46-year-old Peruvian citizen had arrived at the airport from Peru, the agency said. What they found were four pair of sandals and four deflated soccer balls that were unusually heavy, and later determined to be filled with 4.9 pounds of cocaine.

Razuri Leon was also charged with smuggling and drug offenses. The total street value of the drugs was put at more than $300,000.

Was this simply an attempt at a clever ruse devised by crafty drug smugglers to get cocaine across the U.S. border or has the global soccer community finally figured out a way to grow the sport of soccer in America? Hey, David Beckham didn’t work, maybe cocaine will.

All kidding aside, 20 years ago, reputed (and since rehabilitated) coke fiend Diego Maradona would have wholeheartedly approved of the smugglers’ interesting methods.