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Ana Ivanovic Portrays Sexy Manson Family Member For Photo Shoot (Photos)

Like, far out and all Helter Skelter, man, ya dig? Tell me, tell me, c’mon tell me the answer: you might be a lover but you ain’t no dancer, Ana.

We have seen tennis goddess Ana Ivanovic sexily sprawled out on a bed of pink tennis balls, as well evidence of her profound attractiveness from other sultry photo shoots, but perhaps no other photo shoot has come close to capturing the multitude of reasons why Miss Ivanovic just might be the most attractive tennis player on the planet.

Additional pics follow.

Photographed by John Russo at a photo shoot outside of Las Vegas (via Guyism), Ivanovic really takes the Sexy Hippie Chick motif and kicks it up to incredibly attractive levels. As mentioned above, far out, man.