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The Gretzky’s Holiday Card Makes Them Look Like Canadian Version Of The Sopranos (Pic)

Wow. Pretty fancy. And so serious. But it is way cooler than the Favre family’s holiday pic, so I’ll give them credit for that.

Tweeted by Twitter temptress Paulina Gretzky (by way of Busted Coverage), the alleged Gretzky Family Holiday Photo you see above, given it’s highly-stylized, high concept imagery evokes a Sopranos season photo quality. To wit:

See what I mean? You have Wayne as Tony (albeit in a flannel shirt), wife Janet Jones as Carmela, the eldest son as Anthony, Jr. and Paulina (who looks smoking, by the way) assuming the role of Meadow. The other three kids? Uh, I don’t know, other characters from the show. Jeez, I didn’t argue they were exactly the same as the Soprano family, just that their holiday photo reminded me of them. Calm down, people. Don’t make me get all “Paulie” on you.