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Hurricanes Goalie Cam Ward Credited With Goal By Default (Video)

In Carolina’s 4-2 victory over the New Jersey Devils on Monday night, Hurricanes netminder Cam Ward was credited with a goal after an errant pass from Ilya Kovalchuk to Adam Henrique scooted down the ice and into the Devils’ empty net. Since Ward was the last member of the Hurricanes to touch the puck, he received credit for the goal, the first of his career.

Initially, the goal was awarded to teammate Brandon Sutter, but a postgame review revealed that Sutter never touched the puck. By default, it was then Ward’s first goal, and interestingly enough, the first goal scored by a goalie in Carolina franchise history, going all they way back to when they were the Hartford Whalers (insert Mallrats reference).

Sutter was more than happy to defer credit for the goal to his teammate:

“It was Wardo’s. As soon as it went in, I think we all knew it was his. And then the ref kind of came up to me and asked what happened. He asked who touched it last, and it was (Ward).”

Good for Ward. All he needs to do now is get in a fight and somehow win a faceoff and he would have a trifecta in “Things Goalies Don’t Generally Do.” Which would be pretty neat.

Ward, to his credit, is treating his first career goal with appropriate deference as he clearly understands the fluky nature of it all:

“It would have been a lot cooler if I had shot the puck or did something like that,” Ward said.

Fair enough, but in the end, it still goes in the stats. Relative coolness of the goal is irrelevant.