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How Fowl! Fan Tosses Dead Duck On Ice During San Jose-Anaheim Game (Video)

During the Anaheim Ducks’ 3-2 victory over the San Jose Sharks on Monday night, some wisenheimer — presumably a Sharks fan — who also apparently has no problem with smuggling in a dead animal carcass into a hockey game, threw a dead duck on the ice at the HP Pavilion. Please excuse the pun, but that’s just quacky, people.

The video does show the perpetrator of the crime against waterfowl getting ejected for his shenanigans, so I hope it was worth it. At least his buddies captured it on video so he can relive his triumphant moment at a later date. But perhaps the best part of the video is watching Ducks goalie Jonas Hiller skate up to the carcass to inspect before retreating upon the realization that it was really a dead duck that was just hurled on the ice. I don’t blame him for skating away — it’s not his job to take care of it — but credit must be given to the referee who promptly scoops it up for disposal, much better than the lack of courage exhibited by this referee who turned into a sissy when a salmon was thrown on the ice during a Canucks-Wild game last season.

Speaking of which, this entire throwing carcasses on the ice is getting way, way out of hand. Just a few years ago, another Sharks fan threw a dead Tiger shark with a baby octopus in its mouth on the ice during a playoff game against the Detroit Red Wings, which was a nod — with a dash of comeuppance — to the tradition of an octopus getting thrown on the ice at Red Wings home games. I mean, what’s next? Let’s hope it doesn’t get to the point where some sicko fan somewhere thinks it would be a hoot to throw a dead penguin or dead panther on the ice surface, or even worse, a Senator. Gulp. Actually, forget I even mentioned it.