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Horrific Injury Doesn’t Prevent Adrian Peterson From Keeping Promise To Sign Fan’s Jersey

As a Vikings fan, you can only imagine how dejected and horrified I was on Saturday after watching Adrian Peterson blow out his knee early in the second during the game against the Redskins, so I can only imagine how Peterson felt himself after writhing in agony on the turf while his NFL career flashed before his eyes while being carted off the field. But what he remembered to do afterward while sitting in the locker room typified the remarkable character and class Adrian Peterson has exhibited throughout his career.

Through a series of tweets (below), Pioneer Press Vikings reporter Jeremy Fowler chronicled how Adrian Peterson, despite the terrible injury which left him with a torn ACL and MCL in his left knee and a long, grueling road of rehab ahead of him, remembered a promise he made to a fan before the game and how he made sure he kept that promise.

Via Sports Grid:

That is incredible. To be so selfless immediately after suffering a potentially career-threatening injury speaks to what kind of person Adrian Peterson is and the apparent lengths he will go to to take care of his fans. Let’s hope that the predictions by Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier and Vikings training staff are correct and All Day comes back better than ever and plays in the team’s 2012 season opener. Not just for the Vikings fans, either, but for NFL fans everywhere. The league needs more guys like Adrian Peterson. Talk about a class act.