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Cameraman Cruising Around Cricket Pitch On Segway Eats Turf (Video)

Ha. The Segway-riding cameraman who had his humiliating crash documented on video for the ages is Joe Previtera but is known to cricket fans in the Land Down Under as “Joe the Cameraman.” Mr. Previtera took a bit of a tumble while scooting around the pitch when he was focusing on what he was filming instead of the path his Segway was traveling when he ran over some player equipment, causing him to topple over in a delightfully amusing scene.

A description of the scene from vlogger GCCMelbourne (via Deadspin):

Joe now drives a Segway during the summer’s Cricket fixtures, but just after lunch on day two the man who brings such great pictures was himself the centre of attention.

vJoe was scooting across the MCG turf when his vehicle ran into keeper Brad Haddin’s helmet – which was lying on the turf as players warmed up for the resumption of play – and he tumbled off.

A little red-faced but otherwise unharmed, Joe had to be helped to his feet by Aussie skipper Michael Clarke and Shaun Marsh.

Poor guy. It reminds me of the old saying, “Look where you’re Segway-ing, or Segway where you’re looking.” Actually, that’s an update on an old saying for these modern times, what with cameramen riding around on Segways and crashing into stuff and whatnot. What a crazy world we live in.

And it should be noted that this is the most amusing Segway mishap since GOB used to tool around on one of those dorky conveyances. Classic.