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This Drawing Of Clay Matthews Holding A Phallic-Looking Trophy Was Pulled From NFL Mag

Darren Rovell's photo Believe it or not, this Clay Matthews image was in the new NFL magazine

Well, there you go. Probably a good call by the editors to pull this, uh, provocative image from an upcoming issue of NFL Magazine, although I imagine golfer Cristie Kerr has no problem with the manner in which this trophy is depicted.

And what the heck is the gold stuff, uh, coming off the Phallic Football Trophy supposed to represent? Actually, never mind. I don’t want to know.

I do know, however, that when Clay Matthews grabs hold of a trophy, he really grabs hold of a trophy,¬†at least according to the illustrator of this particular drawing. And the look on Matthews’ face ain’t helping anything, either. Utterly disturbing. Thankfully, whoever drew this decided against grunting in a speech balloon.

Jeez, what kind of pervert artists does the NFL have on staff at NFL Magazine? Guys who couldn’t quite cut it in the Hentai industry? Yikes.