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‘MLB 2K12’ Cover Featuring Tasmanian Devil Justin Verlander Released (Pic)

Sure, Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander won both the AL Cy Young and AL MVP awards after his phenomenal 2011 season, but according to his tweet where he revealed the cover for Major League Baseball 2K12 attached, he’s nevertheless pretty darn proud of the most recent honor bestowed upon him:

Got an early xmas present from the team at @2ksports, @mlb_players and @mlb! #MLB2K12 #proudmoment

That’s pretty cool and is indeed something which Verlander should feel extreme pride. But I have to comment on the all the swirly smoke-like stuff circulating around his body. I understand that the imagery is supposed to represent the power, speed and velocity that is generated whenever Verlander throws to the plate, but doesn’t it look a little bit like how the Tasmanian Devil looks when he starts spinning? Maybe a baseball-throwing genie might be a more apt comparison. Or possibly Pig-Pen from Peanuts. Any of those work.