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Taiwanese Animation Treatment Of Monta Ellis Case Chock Full Of Goodness (Video)

Wow, NMA World Edition went all out with their latest report, this one on the Monta Ellis’ sexual harassment case, which is a refreshing and welcome development, given the sub-par treatment they gave the Kobe Bryant divorce report on Wednesday.

Let’s get right to it. The highlights:

  • When Erika Smith first makes an appearance, Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” begins playing in the background
  • Once Ellis sees Smith, his eyes turn into hearts like that old cartoon routine and he starts to drool
  • While Ellis is ogling Smith while she shakes her booty (with “Baby Got Back” still playing in the background), she transforms into a hoop which Ellis proceeds to drain his shot into
  • The imagery employed to illustrate Ellis sending Smith pictures of his junk is that of a peeled banana emerging from Smith’s cell phone screen

The video goes on from there to document Ellis’ wife allegedly shoving Smith and breathing fire upon her and culminates with Smith getting ejected from GM Larry Riley’s office by way of a trap door. Fantastic.

Bravo, NMA World Edition. They certainly stepped up their game with this one.