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LeBron James Airballed A Free Throw Early On In Meaningless Preseason Game (Video)

It’s funny, you see, because when a basketball player shoots a free throw, he wants to make it in the basket, not miss the basket entirely.

Early on in the Miami Heat’s preseason matchup with the Orlando Magic, LeBron James stepped to the charity stripe for a free throw. While the camera angle is not the best, it is abundantly clear that James airballed the shot. Further, he might be the person who can be heard yelling “SHORT!” Nice of James to point that out, if in fact it was him.

But once again, it’s important to point out that James coming up short on a free throw attempt was early on in a meaningless preseason game, since King James usually reserves coming up short for late in meaningful postseason games which is exactly the opposite of this Ha! I made a funny!

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