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Holy Sex Packets, Batman! Here’s Andy Roddick Performing ‘The Humpty Dance’ (Video)

Dear. Lord. The worst part? The ironically ugly Christmas sweater Andy Roddick is wearing while performing the Digital Underground classic, “The Humpty Dance,” isn’t the worst part of the performance. I’m not saying it’s terrible, but I  just got pukey in a Burger King bathroom. Nah, it’s not that bad. It looks like Roddick’s having a nice time and I’m sure it was a hoot for those in attendance, which appears to be some kind of holiday concert for a radio station.

Yet, it still must be mentioned that’s Andy Roddick. Yep, the husband of Brooklyn Decker, ladies and gentlemen. I guess once you achieve fame and fortune and land a smoking hot wife, you don’t really have to care what people think of you. Must be nice. All I know is Tupac Shakur is rolling over in his grave king-sized bed.

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