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Toronto Raptors Unveil Camouflage Jerseys, Much To The Horror Of Everyone (Pics)

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GAH! Some sights cannot be unseen and these bad boys most definitely fall into that category. The Toronto Raptors will unveil perhaps the ugliest alternate uniforms in NBA history — at least in my estimation — when they debut the above camouflage atrocities (modeled by Raptors big man Andrea Bargnani — poor guy) on Mar. 21 as part of the festivities surrounding Canadian Forces Night. I mean, they are really ugly. Look at those shorts, man. Yowsers.

At least it can be said that the team’s heart is in the right place. Honoring the nation’s military should always be a welcome development — and it should be mentioned that the Raptors ownership group apparently has been a staunch supporter of Canada’s troops — but the camouflage getup is just wrong. So, so wrong. I wish these camouflage jerseys were actually camouflaged as in I wouldn’t have ever been able to see them.