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Michael Bubl&#233 Skates With Canucks, Nearly Scores On Roberto Luongo (Video)

(image via the Vancouver Sun)

Calling it “just the greatest day of my life,” Canadian crooner (that’s what we call him: a crooner, right?) Michael Bublé, a lifelong Canucks fan and a co-owner the major junior team Vancouver Giants, practiced with the Vancouver Canucks on Tuesday at Rogers Arena. While doing so, he almost emasculated and humiliated Canucks goaltender Roberto Luongo in the process by nearly scoring on him in a shootout-type setting. D’oh!

The penultimate scene of the practice, when the singer clanked his shot off the left post before wiping out and sliding into the end boards, as told by Bublé to the Vancouver Sun:

“I should have faked the shot backhand and tried to go upstairs. I just missed it. I’m sure Roberto didn’t want me to score and I think he’s pretty happy that I missed it.”

Video follows:

Oh, man, could you imagine the grief Luongo would have received and the taunts he would have had to endure had Bublé buried that shot? It would have been never-ending. I wonder if Luongo was wearing this shirt underneath his pads and jersey:

It would have explained it, right? All I know is if Bublé had scored, Vince Vaughn would have loved it.