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Kobe Bryant’s Impending Divorce, Taiwanese Animation Style (Video)

Finally, the folks at NMA World Edition have set their sights on the Kobe Bryant divorce saga. To be frank, I’m stunned it took them this long.


Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant is mired in a bitter divorce from his wife of 10 years, Vanessa Bryant. She cites irreconcilable differences in papers filed with the Superior Court of California in Orange County on Friday, however TMZ has reported Kobe’s serial cheating is the real reason for the split.

Vanessa allegedly got wind of the infidelities through a network of NBA wives who repeated gossip told to them by Kobe’s teammates. The specifics are still unclear, but sources claim the five-time NBA champion had numerous mistresses, and that it wasn’t until his most recent affair when Vanessa finally decided to end their marriage.

The couple never signed a prenuptial agreement, which means Vanessa could seek half of Kobe’s estimated $150 million worth. She has already laid claim to their palatial mansion in Newport Coast, another TMZ report alleges. There is also speculation she will get to keep a $4 million ring Kobe gave to her in 2003 while he was being investigated for the rape of a 19-year-old woman in Colorado. The case was later dropped, but a civil suit was settled in 2005.

The press has not been all good for Vanessa, however. Her former stepfather has alleged she is a gold digger who had been planning to divorce Kobe after their 10-year anniversary. Divorcing spouses in California may seek enough money to live at the same level they enjoyed while they were married.

I dunno, man, this report was alright — the part where Kobe is fraternizing with the Lakers cheerleaders was pretty amusing – but I think we can all agree that it needs more psychotic imagery in line with some of their previous reports, like when Ndamukong Suh dismembered a Packers player and the one where Tim Tebow stabbed a dolphin. Those were solid efforts. Overall, I give the Taiwanese Animation Treatment of Kobe’s divorce a solid C+, but there’s not reason to go Kobe-in-Colorado and get anal about it.