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New York City Gossip Gold: Is Mark Sanchez Dating Kate Upton?

The New York Post‘s Page 6 dropped a gossipy bomb for the ages early Wednesday morning when they reported that blonde bombshell (and apparent avid Jets fan) Kate Upton might be dating New York Jets bomb-thrower (that’s a whole lotta bomb references there, for some reason) Mark Sanchez. Commence intense pangs of bitter jealousy now.

Apparently, according to Page 6’s gossip hounds, Sanchez frequently has been seen around Upton’s Flatiron apartment building as of late, often showing up in a chauffeur-driven Navigator. Sanchez reportedly also was spotted in the lobby of the luscious model’s lobby carrying gifts after he attended a charity event.

Says NYP’s sources:

“They never come in together. He’s always five steps after her,” our source told us, adding that Sanchez often hides under a woolly hat. Sexy Upton has also attended some Jets games as her sister, Christie Upton, is a manager of client relations for the team and works closely with Sanchez.

Another source insisted that Upton and Sanchez are “just friends.”

What to believe, right? The chance that these two dating certainly resides within the realm of possibility. And simply due to the aforementioned chance that these two NYC megastars might be linked is enough to keep the New York gossip rags in a state of perpetual curiosity for some time, at least until an admitted confirmation or adamant denial is issued from one of the two stars’ respective camps. Unfortunately (and not surprisingly), Upton’s people refused to comment on her personal life and Sanchez’s representative’s did not respond to Page 6’s inquiries.

This isn’t the first time Kate Upton’s name has been linked to a high-profile New York athlete. Just recently, Upton engaged in a back-and-forth with Rangers pest Sean Avery on Twitter, although there were no romantic aspects to that amusing story, so it wasn’t quite as an intriguing story as this one. But as far as the possible Sanchez-Upton pairing is concerned, for now, I suppose we’ll just have to let the rumors stew and wait and see what kind of conjecture, whispers and gossip emerges next. Until then, look: another attractive photo of Kate Upton to look upon! Everybody wins!