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Illinois Car Dealership Will Give Away Free Vehicles If Bears Shut Out Packers

Sawicki Motors, a car dealership in the town of Rochelle in north central Illinois has come up with a brilliant marketing coup that has virtually no chance of costing them a dime: if the Chicago Bears hold the Green Bay Packers scoreless in the teams’ upcoming game on Christmas, the dealership will give out free cars.

Best. Promotion. Ever.

Why is it the best promotion ever? Because the likelihood of the Packers’ vaunted, high-scoring offense getting shut out by an opponent is about as slim as, um, the Packers’ suspect defense shutting a team out. As in, there is absolutely no chance it is going to happen, at least this season.

Nevertheless, Sawicki Motors general manager Ron Matula (seen above) a native Chicagoan, insists he would love to see it happen, saying, “It’d be the best Christmas present that I ever handed out. I’m hoping that Green Bay scores zero points.”

Yeah, right. There is nothing a car dealership would like to see more than their inventory completely wiped out with no money coming in. Granted, the Chicago Tribune report makes no mention of any rules, stipulations, caveats, or fine print regarding the free car giveaway, much less exactly how many cars the dealership will part with if the unimaginable and miraculous somehow occurred. Still, you have to hand it to the guy. Without this whacky promotion that he dreamed up, would you have heard of Sawicki Motors? Exactly.