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Colton Orr Tebows After Shootout Goal During ‘Leafs Nation Fan Night’ (Video)

Oh, how very witty, Colton Orr. How very witty, indeed.

On Tuesday, the Toronto Maple Leafs held the inaugural “Leafs Nation Fan Night,” an event where 13,000 die-hard fans showed up at Air Canada Centre to enjoy all-things Maple Leafs. Among the festivities was a four-on-four scrimmage, a light workout and at the end of the event, 24 Maple Leafs players presented their jerseys to previously selected fans.

But the highlight of the night for the fans was likely the shootout, especially Maple Leafs right winger Colton Orr’s antics after he scored on netminder James Reimer and busted out a little bit of Tebowing for the fans in attendance.

At least one of Orr’s teammates got a kick out of the homage to the Denver Broncos quarterback (via the Toronto Star):

“I’m a Tebow fan too and I thought about doing it,” said centre Tyler Bozak, who attended the University of Denver, in the home city of Tebow’s Broncos. “(Orr) knew he was going to score — he’s a breakaway guy, he’s a breakaway specialist.”

While certainly clever on Orr’s part and given the Tebowing occurred during an exhibition for the fans and not during an actual game is a welcome relief, but how much longer are we going to have to tolerate Tebowing? Hasn’t it jumped the shark at this point? Or better put, shouldn’t it have jumped the shark by now? Don’t most crazes and fads like Tebowing usually have a shelf life of a month tops before it they are deemed played out and passé? Why won’t this happen to Tebowing? Oh yeah, that’s right: because it is related to Tim Tebow Mania, something you cannot control, you can only hope to contain it, and even that seems like an impossible task.

Still, I think Toronto GM Brian Burke should suspend Orr for his on-ice antics — like those high school kids who got suspended in New York — even if it was during an exhibition and done in a celebratory and whimsical spirit. Yeah, that’s right: Bah, humbug to all the blasted Tebowing. Call me a cranky cur if you will, but I know I’m not the only one to have that sentiment.