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Ain’t No Fight Like A Kart Track Fight, Cuz A Kart Track Fight Gets Punchy (Video)

Jeez, that escalated quickly. I mean the kart racer who got spun out really goes after his fellow competitor, who he clearly believes some comeuppance is warranted. And the violence gets pretty out-of-hand.

Since I have no idea what’s going on in the above video, I’ll allow The Sun explain it:

The aggrieved racer then lays into his rival, who he clearly blamed for making him spin, and even yanks him off his kart on to the track.

The incident, at a karting event in Italy, has been tweeted among chuckling racing drivers including Red Bull ace Mark Webber, SunSport columnist Andy Priaulx and touring car star Gordon Shedden.

Mama mia! There you go. Let that be a lesson to kart racers everywhere, perhaps even the weekend warriors who head on down to the local go-kart track: you mess with a overly-competitive kart racer prone to irrational acts of violent retribution, you’re going to get messed with right back. With extreme prejudice.