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Playboy Playmate Approached By TMZ, Says She Wasn’t Kobe’s Mistress (Video)

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TMZ, as they are wont to do, were out stalking the streets Monday evening when, by some stroke of luck — not tipped off by someone’s publicist regarding where said person was going to be at a certain time (I mean, who would do such a thing?) — when they somehow crossed paths with former Playboy Playmate Jessica Burciaga. What makes TMZ’s running into Burciaga so interesting is that she has been fingered by several Hollywood gossip sites as a potential mistress of Kobe Bryant’s and whose alleged relationship with the Lakers star allegedly might have been the alleged (I allegedly enjoy sprinkling my stories with variations of the word “allege”) last straw for why Vanessa Bryant filed for divorce.

Utterly fascinating stuff. Sure, it sheds no light whatsoever on anything about anything relating to Bryant’s divorce, but hey, Miss Burciaga looked great, so there’s that. Also, I got to pretend that I am some kind of intrepid Hollywood gossip reporter, which is always a kick.