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Dennis Rodman Paints His Face For Exhibition Game Because He’s Dennis Rodman (Photo)

Photos documenting Dennis Rodman’s “unique” choice to dramatically paint up his face — I suppose any time a grown man slaps some makeup on and resembles some kind of demented clown prior to playing in an exhibition basketball game is always a unique choice — have made the rounds all around the interwebs the past day or so but I still felt it was necessary to properly document it here at the Sportress. Why? Because it’s frightening, funny and, um, shows that Dennis Rodman, despite his getting older, still behaves like Dennis Rodman. Which is kind of cool. Further, it is probably the first time a member of a team — not a fan — actually painted their face to support the team. Unless we’re talking about intramural basketball leagues at the many fine clown colleges we have in America. I’m sure this kind of thing happens all the time.