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Blake Griffin Throws Down Dunk, Ridiculously Gets Called For A Technical (Video)

Since NBA preseason games are even more meaningless than early regular season NBA games, we need not go into the details relating to the outcome of the Los Angeles Clippers-Los Angeles Lakers tilt on Monday evening at Staples Center, because really, who gives a crap, right?

One aspect of what transpired during the game does require addressing, however, and that is the ticky-tack technical foul called on Blake Griffin after he was fed the rock by Chauncey Billups for a breakaway dunk. Griffin didn’t even throw it down with the same ferocity as he has demonstrated time and time again during his short career but the referees took issue with him hanging on the rim afterward. The problem was that Griffin really didn’t hang onto the rim that long, maybe a second or two and he wasn’t even that demonstrative about it, either.

All I’m saying is if referees are going to call technical fouls as freely and loosely as they did on Monday night, it’s going to be a long, lockout-shortened season.

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