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Ray Edwards Dumps Gatorade Bottle On John Abraham During Interview (Video)

Falcons defensive end John Abraham had an utterly dominating performance Thursday night during Atlanta’s 41-14 blowout win over the Jacksonville Jaguars, finishing the game with the impressive stat line of 4 tackles, 3.5 sacks and 2 forced fumbles. Due to Abraham playing completely out of his mind, it made perfect sense for the NFL Network to want to interview him during their post game wrap-up, so they trotted out Alex Flanagan to speak with him.

Unfortunately, this provided a window of opportunity for Abraham’s fellow defensive lineman, Ray Edwards, to steal the show by dumping a Gatorade bottle on his teammate’s head right in the middle of the interview. Watching Edwards wait for the perfect moment to douse Abraham is perhaps the most amusing part of the video.

Abraham, to his credit, remained perfectly composed and completed the interview as if nothing happened, something which Alex Flanagan wasn’t able to do as she commented that the water or whatever it was “got on her notes here.” But to her credit as well, she rolled with it as well and took it in stride. Consummate professionals, those two.

And just to put a tidy little bow on the story, I would be remiss not to mention that Ray Edwards is the same guy who had this portrait painted of him and his girlfriend. Any time Ray Edwards is brought up, that portrait should always be part of the story, no matter how much of a stretch is needed to work it in. Oh, and he also got punched in the wiener by former teammate Jared Allen earlier this season. Yeah.

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