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Official Poster Of Super Bowl XLVI Looks Like Rip Taylor Designed It, Then Threw Up On It

What the fungus? That’s the official poster of Super Bowl XLVI? Interesting, in a “What were they thinking?” kind of way.

Oh, I kid, I kid. It’s not really that bad. But it is all glittery and confetti-like and a bit off-putting at first and I don’t get orange streaks running vertically up the side of the Lombardi Trophy, but then again, I’m not a member of the snobby art critic community, who I am sure love it.

Created by Indiana artist Walter Knabe — whose last name Chris Chase of Shutdown Corner points out sounds a lot like imaginary Indiana resident Leslie Knope, among other astute and amusing observations, both pro and con — who said his motivation for the poster was that he “wanted it to be pretty democratic so that everybody would get it, and I wanted it to be celebratory.”

Well, it is certainly celebratory. I’ll give him that. All kidding aside, well done, Mr. Knabe. That is one humdinger of a Super Bowl poster.