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Dwyane Wade Let His Soul Glo By Watching ‘Coming To America’ After Finals Loss

"Sexual Chocolate. They play so fine, don't you agree?"

To help numb himself and alleviate the pain of the heartbreaking loss the Miami Heat suffered in the NBA Finals to the Dallas Mavericks last June, Dwyane Wade attempted to soothe the pain inside him by watching one of his favorite films: Coming To America. Randy Watson appreciates the mention.

From a recent appearance Wade made on Miami’s 790 The Ticket (via Sports Radio Interviews):

“Well mine was a little shorter. How I dealt with it? Obviously I was sick. It took me a long time to go to sleep, but I stayed in the bed without moving until about two o’clock and around two o’clock my kids kept banging on the door and I could tell they wanted to go play basketball. What I did was I texted myself and I said can you bring me something to eat? Then I put on ‘Coming to America’ and I watched ‘Coming to America’ on my computer and that’s my favorite movie. It’s the greatest comedy ever. It’s my favorite movie. So after ‘Coming to America’ went off my kids knocked on the door again and they said ‘Dad and I want to go outside and play basketball.’ I said let’s go. At about three o’clock the next day I had to move on with my life. I had to understand the kids – it didn’t stop for them. I had to go and be daddy.”

Awesome. Not a finer film to drown one’s sorrows in and emerge with full-fledged Soul Glo, as it were. To quote Sweets, “That boy’s good.”

Finally, for no other reason than I feel like it, here’s Louie Anderson (as Maurice) in my favorite scene from the movie:

And that’s when the big bucks start rolling in. Ha.