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Bill Cosby Is Talking About Tim Tebow Again, This Time To ‘The Christian Post’

(image via Cosby Sweaters)

When we last heard from Bill Cosby discussing the Rapture of Tim Tebow, it was in this video where it seems Mr. Cosby insinuates that he believes Tim Tebow can control the weather.

Well, Cosby is back at it and he doesn’t disappoint. Speaking with The Christian Post, here’s what Cos had to say about his admiration for the Denver Broncos quarterback:

CP: I understand you’re a dedicated football fan and I recently saw a video of you encouraging Tim Tebow as he encounters public criticism. Why do you like him?

Cosby: I like what’s happening in Denver. The beauty of what I see is that Tebow speaks his mind. When we look at the settling of this country we see a Bible in hand and God. Every Thanksgiving has God and the peacefulness of gratitude. It was important when the Twin Towers were hit and the sorrow with them that the first thing Congress did was sing “God Bless America.”

There are thus people in the media and business who after an athlete does something will give them a bum rush. Mr. Tebow is someone who the media has picked on. ESPN found all sorts of athletes and experts to say this young man is not a good football player and that the other starting quarterback is better. They said his footwork is awful and that he is a freak or something that couldn’t play at all. People are Tebowing, Tebowing and Tebowing but Tebow won’t allow people to focus on what he has done and has not done. He just states the glory of being out there and the privilege of playing. He tells them how his team plays and succeeds and the way he does it is almost biblical.

While Mr. Cosby has every right to express his opinions and he does make some extremely valid points, I do, however, have to take issue with a few of his comments. Obviously, I cannot recall every single thing every single person has ever said about Tim Tebow, but I certainly don’t recall anyone — at least the so-called experts — ever saying he’s a freak. And referring to Tebow’s play as “biblical”? I have only one thing to add:

Jello Pudding.