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Today’s Crappy Rick Reilly Joke On Twitter Deserving Of ‘Price Is Right’ Losing Horn

Regular readers of the Sportress of Blogitude may have noticed that yesterday, I awarded a profoundly lame joke Rick Reilly unleashed on the Twitter masses with the “Sad Trombone.” Well, today, Reilly was back at his Twitter-based skullduggery with the above weak attempt at witticism in the area of lame-brained humor. Yeah, it’s pretty stupid. “Hahahahaha! Larry King is old! And to compare Tebow calling someone lucky would be totally like Larry King calling a person old! Because he’s old! HARF! HARF! HARF!”

And for that idiotic attempt at a joke, I award Rick Reilly: the Price is Right losing horn:

He really deserved it.