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What In The Heck Was Hannah Storm Wearing On ‘SportsCenter’ Today? (Pic)

Holy moly, the outfit the lovely and talented (and attention-seeking, apparently) Hannah Storm was sporting a pretty interesting outfit during Wednesday morning’s edition of SportsCenter. And by interesting, I mean terrible, bordering on slightly inappropriate. What’s up with the blouse? Certainly not the kind of top one expects to see from woman attempting to come off a serious journalist. Add the “These Boots Are Made For Walking” footwear, and it’s all too much, too over-the-top.

But who cares what I think? What say you, Tony Kornheiser’s High School Yearbook Photo?

Tony Kornheiser’s High School Yearbook Photo says: “I’m not saying anything about anything except for this: check out that glorious head of hair! It’s fanstastic! Also, do you know about any good victory parades?”

Note: You may recall present day Tony K. got himself in a bit of trouble a few years back for criticizing Hannah Storm’s risqué wardrobe choices, a move which ultimately resulted in his suspension.

[Hannah screengrab via Bob’s Blitz, Tony Kornheiser’s yearbook photo via Midwest Sports Fans]