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Roberto Luongo Can’t Catch A Break, Even From Post-Game Interview Microphones (Photo)

Ouch. That’s awkward. You see, it is reasonable to assume that Vancouver goalie Roberto Luongo is wearing a t-shirt that reads “Canucks” during a post-game session with reporters, but the inconvenient placement of one of the reporter’s microphones is partly obscuring the team’s name on the netminder’s shirt so that the “CAN” part in “CANUCKS” is blocked and all we can see is a capital “S” on the side of the microphone in those three letters’ place. And what’s that cause Luongo’s shirt look like it reads? SUCKS. And the sad confluence of events which caused this image came immediately after Luongo surrendered goals on all three attempts by the Blue Jackets during the shootout in Vancouver’s 2-1 loss to the Columbus.

That ain’t right, man. Even the placement of microphones are conspiring with Canucks fans to get the team to trade this guy.

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