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Patriots RB Danny Woodhead Meets Gheorghe Muresan, Describes It As ‘Cool’ (Photo)

Haha. In case you missed it, a photo (originally uploaded to Twitter by New England Patriots punter Zoltan Mesko) has been making its way around the interwebs featuring Mesko, Pats running back Danny Woodhead and 7’7″ tall former NBA star Gheorghe Muresan posing for a pic together. Obviously, the incredible height disparity between Woodhead and Muresan — who is known as the tallest player in NBA history — makes for an amusing image, and here’s what Woohead had to say about meeting the enormous man (via NESN):

“It was cool,” Woodhead said with a wide grin. “Anytime you can meet someone else, it’s a cool deal.”

Yeah, I always enjoy meeting someone else, too. It reminds me I’m not alone in the world.

Woodhead, who is generously listed as being 5’8″, continued, playing it straight regarding the height differential:

“Just like talking to anyone else,” Woodhead said. “It’s nothing different. It was just meeting some other guy, and that’s how it was.”

Like meeting some other guy? Like meeting some other guy? While I agree with Woodhead that the differences in height is nothing to make a huge deal about, the fact that he so casually waves off the fact that he was rubbing elbows — well, rubbing elbows and knees to turn the phrase for accuracy — with a guy who starred in My Giant with Billy-freaking-Crystal? The man behind such classic “Guy’s guy” films like Forget Paris and When Harry Met Sally? That, my good friends, that kind of affront to Hollywood royalty is something I cannot and will not tolerate. Knock it off, Danny Woodhead. Don’t act like you’re not impressed.