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Oklahoma HS WR Breaks Tackle After Tackle En Route To Improbable TD (Video)

Whether you believe this unbelievable touchdown (via Prep Rally) was more the result of shoddy, halfhearted tackling effort by what seems to be every player on defense or a brute and unyielding display of sheer determination put forth by the young man carrying the ball, you cannot argue that the results are amazingly impressive.

During Jones (Okla.) High’s Oklahoma Class 2A Football State Championship Game match-up with Hennessey, wide receiver Tyler Sebolt seemingly breaks about 50 tackles as he bowls his way in for a touchdown. After snatching a pass from quarterback Michael Lowe, Sebolt is almost immediately wrapped up by two Hennessey defenders, only to shake them loose. By that time, three other defenders surround Sebolt, but the young man will not be denied. Shredding them with far too much ease then should be possible, Sebolt eludes a couple more would-be tacklers before scampering into the end zone for a miraculous and unlikely score.

Sadly for Sebolt and his teammates, it was the only score they would put up on the board, as Jones High ultimately lost to Hennessey by a score of 21-7. But each member of the squad will have a story to tell for years to come about the incredible play they saw their teammate make.