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Here Are Some Photos Of Tom Brady Looking Silly At The Patriots Children’s Holiday Party

The New England Patriots held their 18th Annual Patriots Children’s Holiday Party and as you can see, teammates Tom Brady and Wes Welker had a great time taking part in some kind of game where they had to catch marshmallows in the top hats sitting atop their head. Only Tom Brady can make something as absurdly silly as catching marshmallows in a top hat even more absurdly silly simply due to the unfortunate way he tends to be captured by photography. Not as silly as him gleefully going down a waterslide or celebrating a putt while on the golf course, sure, but absurdly silly nonetheless.

But hey, it was all for a great cause and chock-full of holiday spirit, something I am sure the more than 300 children who attended the event on Tuesday, which is put on every year and sponsored by the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation and held at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough.

Additional photos, including a couple of the apparent highlight of the event, “Wrap-a-Pat,” which featured none other than Tom Brady getting gift-wrapped by kids, follow.

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Ha. Good stuff.

[top image via @realpatriots]