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Tim Tebow Receives Hollywood Heartthrob Treatment From ‘People’ In ‘Photo Special’

Ladies and gentlemen, you may not have realized this, but until today, Tim Tebow’s stranglehold on the media and pop culture wasn’t quite complete. But now with the “Tim Tebow in 10 Hot Shots” “photo special” treatment from People, the Denver Broncos quarterback has finally arrived.

The star treatment usually reserved for Hollywood hunks like Brad Pitt and Steve Buscemi has now been applied to the Tim Tebow phenomenon and for Tebow, there’s no turning back now. However, I wonder how the Tebow camp will respond to the squeaky-clean, pious player being somewhat objectified as nothing more than eye candy, illustrated by captions that go along with the pics, like the following, which describes the above image:

Rocking a basic white tee to perfection, it’s no surprise Jockey chose the clean-cut quarterback to be the spokesperson for their Staycool collection this spring. Sigh! Now we know what he wears under his Denver Broncos uniform!

“Sigh!” indeed!

Or how about the photo which follows below, entitled, “Chest in Show”? Rawr!

Swoon alert! The 6-foot-3-inch 24-year-old bares his toned torso at the January 2010 Under Armour Senior Bowl national scouting weigh-in. His current fighting weight? A powerful 245 lbs.

Exactly what is entailed in an official “swoon alert”? The sounding of a siren paired with the panicked placement of pillows on the floor to prevent injury from said swoon? Just wondering.

Of course, there are several non-beefcake photos in the gallery, including one of Tebow with his mother, a photo of him Tebowing and another pic of him escorting a young lady with a brain tumor to a Walt Disney World gala, but even with those more conservative photos, there is no doubt that Tebow has attained official pop culture heartthrob status, and really, should it come as any surprise? Just another routine day on the Tebownet, I suppose.