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LeBron James Writes, Directs Sheets Ad To Kick-Off Facebook Ad Contest (Video)

By now you likely seen one of the ridiculous commercials or ads for the product, Sheets, where you are advised to “Take a Sheet” for a quick boost of energy. LeBron James, as co-owner of the company that produces Sheets — a dissolvable strip that melts on a person’s tongue which presumably gives the user of the product an energy jolt — has written and directed a commercial to kick-start a Facebook-based contest where people are asked to upload commercials of their own with the winning ad receiving airtime on television and in movie theaters in 2012. The contest on Facebook, which begins Tuesday, lasts 45 days.

And to give credit where credit is due, LeBron’s commercial actually is pretty amusing. James is clearly enjoying hamming it up a bit, giving thumbs up to folks as he supplies them with Sheets. Well done, King James. Anything to help restore his reputation as a nice guy and not a villain, right?

[via Mashable Business]