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Cricket Star Seeks Advice For Hand Burned While Cooking By Uploading Nasty Photo Of It

On Sunday, Australian cricket star Shane Warne — who, if you have ever heard of him likely stems from the fact that he recently became engaged to Elizabeth Hurley, hence the above image — burned his hand rather badly while doing a bit of cooking in the kitchen. Afterward, he did what any rational person would do while watching the blisters spring up on his now-gruesome hand. He uploaded a photo of it to the interwebs and asked his followers on Twitter for advice on how to properly treat it.

The tweet (via Off the Bench):

Not ideal preparation for practice match today-burning the bowling hand Get better quickly please,any suggestions-HELP

The cries for medical advice elicited response from none other than Warne’s fellow countryman Russell Crowe, who replied, “Looks bad mate. Hope it heals quickly.” A nice sentiment, to be sure, but it would have been far cooler had Crowe managed to incorporate a line from one of his movies, like, “At my signal, unleash Hell on with a cold compress” from Gladiator, or perhaps even better, “You look better than Veronica Lake” from L.A. Confidential.

Moving on, without further ado, the disturbing image depicting the cooking injury follows.

Yamma hamma. That’s nasty. He really should be much more careful in the kitchen.