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Aaron Rodgers’ High School Yearbook Photo From Freshman Year Is Great (Photo)

Would you get a look at that yearbook photo? Awesome. All I know is it’s a huge relief I never became famous and people actually sought out my yearbook photos. There is absolutely no need for any photos of me when I was going through “The Cure phase” from my adolescence to surface.

Okay, okay, I never went through anything like “The Cure” goth phase — at least in appearance (what can I say, I was a sensitive teenager) — but still, my yearbook photos which document quite adequately that I too went through the awkward stages that everyone experiences during their teenage years are not something that I would prefer to be seen by the masses. At the same time, in Rodgers’ case, when you are a Super Bowl champion and soon-to-be NFL MVP, who gives a rip what anyone thinks of your stinking yearbook photos? I suppose that’s what makes these photos when they do see the light of day so amusing. I’m sure Tony Romo agrees.

[H/T Terez Owens]