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Onion’s GOOMF: ‘Aaron Rodgers Vows To Make Season Interesting By Killing Self’ (Video)

Aaron Rodgers Vows To Make Season Interesting By Killing Self

Here’s Another delightful installment from the Onion’s sports department’s video feature, the Pardon the Interruption/Around the Horn-esque Get Out Of My Face. In this episode, the fellas debate and discuss in their customary bloviating manner Green Bay Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ decision to off himself to give the team’s season meaning. Rodgers’ “quote”:

“Winning has lost its thrill, and losing is obviously worse. Now, my death is all that can give the season meaning.”

Brett Favre approves. Probably. One other guffaw-worthy moment is a tweet from Rodgers’ teammate Charles Woodson, who writes, “Boom! Headshot! LOL my boy Aaron wild.” Awesome.

Oh, and be sure to stick around to watch the next topic the guys discuss: Mark Sanchez’s injured pussy finger. Wouldn’t want to miss that.