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Kris Humphries Asked If He Still Loves Kim Kardashian On Good Morning America (Video)

And wouldn’t you know it? Complete and utter awkwardness ensued. Above is a brief clip (via Sports Grid) from Friday morning’s Good Morning America where host Josh Elliott (who previously shared the live SportsCenter anchor duties with Hannah Storm and her risque outfits), while interviewing Kris Humphries, asks him if he still loved Kim Kardashian. Hoo boy. That’s probably the last thing Humphries wanted to be asked.

Why? Because according to TMZ, who swooped in to file an ellipsis-filled report…on…the…topic (although the report’s lack of ALL CAPS LETTERS TO INDICATE THAT THEY ARE WRITING SOMETHING IN AN EXCLAMATORY MANNER OR THE PARTICULAR WORDS WRITTEN IN CAPS ARE PARTICULARLY PROVOCATIVE is a welcome change, noted that Humphries only agreed to appear on GMA to speak about his charitable work and his mother’s cooking segment on the show (wait, what?) and that it was agreed that no questions regarding his brief marriage to Kardashian would be asked. No, I cannot explain why Kris Humphries’ mom got her own cooking segment on the show, although it could have something to do with getting Humphries on the show, because, you know, DERP! Nor can I explain why Kris Humphries fancies himself an interesting enough person outside of his sham of a marriage to warrant an appearance on the show. Another DERP! thrown in there for good measure.

Nevertheless, Humphries is allegedly irate over the line of questioning from Elliott. Take it away, TMZ:

During the interview, Kris appears VERY uncomfortable as he’s hit with question after question about Kim … and things got downright awkward when interviewer Josh Elliot asked Kris’ mother about the relationship.

We’re told Kris is saying … he only agreed to do the interview to promote his charity work and to support his mother’s cooking segment on the show … and he’s “livid” about the way it turned out.

But a rep for ABC tells us no pre-show deal was made to limit the interview … saying, “There were no ground rules.”

Did you hear that, people? There were no ground rules! When you step on the set of Good Morning America, you might as well be conducting an interview inside Thunderdome. Deal with it.

It has reached the point where you have almost no choice but to feel sorry for this guy. But leaving that aside, I am left wondering what Kris’ mom cooked on the show. Given they are Minnesotans, my guess it was some kind of tasty hot dish.