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Dick Vitale Zings Khloe Kardashian In Tweet About Lamar Odom’s No-Show At Camp

Ha! Dipsy-doo, rip-a-roo! Well crafted, Dick Vitale. I didn’t know he had hard-hitting humor that he demonstrated in the above tweet in him.

Yet I wonder if Dickie V. is spending too much time hanging out with the servers at Hooters, not that whether Vitale’s fraternizing with Hooters hotties has anything to do with his spot-on analysis of Lamar Odom and the options afforded to the current Los Angeles Laker, who reportedly skipped the first day of training camp after the failed Chris Paul trade. I mean, have you looked at that woman? Yeesh. Running sprints is a far better option than spending time with that self-absorbed hag.