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Michael Vick Addresses The Existence Of Electricity In Commercial (Video)

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick shot a commercial for a Las Vegas car dealership. In it, he mentions that a person could argue that there’s no such thing as electricity, adds that people believe he has electricity and at the end of the ad, he says, “Going forward, just watch me shine.” Interesting, although I have no idea how anything Vick is saying has anything to do with a car dealership.

The spot appears to have been around awhile, but As The700Level points out, Grantland’s Bill Barnwell recent deconstruction of the absurdity of the entire ad is utter brilliance, especially in the following passage:

1. “You could argue there’s no such thing as electricity.”

It’s a rather bold move to start an advertisement with a car dealership featuring a professional football player with a discussion of whether a natural phenomenon taken for granted for centuries actually exists. It isn’t even a bait-and-switch, because there was no bait; it’s a switch-and-wait-what-did-Mike-Vick-just-say? Perhaps Michael Vick is a juggalo.

Even the most fervent members of the electricity-denial community will have to admit that Vick’s explanation is crummy at best. “No one’s seen it, but you know when it’s on.” Doesn’t saying ” … you know when it’s on” imply that electricity actually exists? And hasn’t Vick ever seen lightning before? Actually, research notes that a Virginia Tech game during Vick’s tenure at the school was postponed by a lightning storm, so there really is very little basis for Vick’s argument.

Maybe “electricity” is shorthand for “a great 2011 Philadelphia Eagles team.”

Haha. You could say that passage is shocking in its brilliance. Like what happens when you stick your finger inside a partially-broken light bulb while it’s still lit in its socket.