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Man Exacts Revenge On Pujols By Sticking Wad Of Gum On His Statue’s Crotch (Photo)

Bra-freaking-vo. That, folks, is some serious comeuppance. The photo, courtesy of @Matt Sebek (by way of The Sports Hernia Blog). Sebek is understandably irate over Pujols signing with Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and chose to express his frustrations by a little bit of subtle statue-defacing. I wholeheartedly applause his actions. He tweets:

How about some fresh Bubblicious, oh glorious Pujols statue? Score one for our side.

Score one, indeed. Well done, Mr. Sebek.

Shakespeare once wrote that “Revenge is a dish best served cold,” which makes sense, given during his time, microwaves weren’t invented yet. In spite of the relative veracity of Shakespeare’s observation, I have to disagree, a least in this instance. If  you ask me, in the case of St. Louis Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols skipping town for the sunnier climes of southern California, the saying should go, “Revenge is a dish best served by sticking a wad of chewing gum square on the crotch of a guy’s statue.” A bit wordy, yes, and it doesn’t make sense since sticking a wad of gum on a statute’s crotch really isn’t a state a meal can be in, but when you think about it, in a way, it does. Kind of.