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If You Are In The Market For An Albert Pujols Fathead, They’re On Sale For $31.41

$31.41? How did the, uh, Setting the Price of Stuff Ad Wizards at Fathead come up with that one? Granted, there probably isn’t much of a demand any longer for a Fathead featuring Albert Pujols in a St. Louis Cardinals uniform, but what an odd price. What gives?

Actually, the reason behind the dramatically discounted price (down from $99.99) is quite simple, really. Thanks to the intrepid deduction techniques employed by Master Rick Chandler at Off the Bench, the $31.41 price is simply the present age of Albert Pujols and the age he will be when the 10-year, $230 million dollar deal he reportedly is set to sign with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of California of the United States of North America of Earth of the Solar System of the Orion-Cygnus Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy of the Universe reaches its end. Brilliantly executed, Setting the Price of Stuff Ad Wizards at Fathead. The owner of your company, Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, is probably quite impressed with your handiwork, as he has pulled the same kind of stunt once before. Expect a congratulatory email in Comic Sans font.