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‘Cutty Come Back,’ Parody Sung To The Tune Of Player’s ‘Baby Come Back,’ Rocks (Video)

Poor Caleb Hanie. It’s not his fault Jay Cutler hurt his thumb, is probably lost for the season and as a result, likely derailed the Chicago Bears’ entire season. If his on-field performance alone wasn’t hard enough on the poor schlub, now folks are utilizing number one hits from 1978 to take shots at the guy.

In what only can be called parody brilliance, some fellow who refers to himself only as  produced by “Chad in Portland” and written by @magic_uno, the parody of Player’s “Baby Come Back” laments the devastating loss of Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and is worthy of a gold record. Well, if parody songs uploaded to YouTube qualified for gold record consideration, which they should.

A sampling of the lyrics (via the Chicago Tribune):

“Cutty come back,
we’re working with a useless QB
There was something
in every spiral you threw.

“Cutty come back,
You can blame it all on (No.) 13
Knox fell down, now
The offense can’t work without you.”

(raises lit Bic lighter, grooves)