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Only One Person Would Like This Guy’s ‘Tim Tebow: Centaur’ Tattoo (Photo)

Hey, it’s no worse than this Tim Tebow-inspired tattoo. That’s good for something, I guess.

Apparently, when the bells ring to announce the onset of “Tebow Time,” one of two things must happen: either it motivates one Tebowmaniac into getting the above tattoo where Tim Tebow is some kind of helmeted centaur or Tim Tebow literally metamorphizes into a centaur. I’m leaning towards the former as opposed to the latter, as I suspect Tebow would never allow himself to be transformed into a creature from pagan mythology. In only hope that TebowCenter had the good sense to highlight this guy’s tattoo when it aired earlier this afternoon.

It should be noted that the guy offered up the above photo to the folks on the Denver Broncos Forum to see what they thought of it and he’s kind of taking a beating for it. Poor guy. But hey, as alluded to above, I can think of one person who would likely marvel at this guy’s “Tim Tebow: Centaur” tattoo:

Yep, that’s right: Alex Rodriguez would absolutely love the ink. In fact, I’m a bit surprised A-Rod hasn’t gone ahead and gotten a tattoo of himself as a centaur. Maybe he has.

[H/T Larry Brown Sports]