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Nope, Nothing Narcissistic About Bryce Harper’s New Tattoo (Photo)

Obviously, this Bryce Harper fellow is a very talented prospect with an incredibly bright future within the Washington Nationals organization. Perhaps even more obvious is he apparently has quite the high opinion of himself, as evidenced by the brand new tattoo Harper was showcasing on some beach recently, which was photographed and uploaded to Twitter by his brother (via Mr. Irrelevant), Bryan Harper. Call me out of touch or old fashioned and suggest that I’m just not hip with what the kids are into these days, but if you ask me, getting your last name tattooed on your body is a little over the top in my book. Maybe a family crest paying tribute to one’s ancestry, sure, but just your last name in an incredibly annoying font? Fail.

There is one possibly good outcome which could come of Harper’s brand new ink: if he ever gets bonked on the head and loses his memory, at least the authorities will have a good starting-off point to establish his identity. Which is nice. That’s why I have my Social Security Number tattooed on my wrist. You see, that’s not arrogant. Just incredibly practical. And no, I have had no problems with identity theft as a result. I mean, what kind of person would want to steal blogger’s identity? I’ll tell you what kind of person: a woodhead who likely has failed miserably in each and every identity theft scheme he or she has thought up, that’s what kind of person.