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David Stern Penned A Letter To Fans To Proclaim That The NBA Is All Hunky-Dory Now

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While it is worth conceding that the above letter, written personally (presumably) by none other than NBA Commissioner David Stern is a far better alternative than a John Deere letter from him announcing that there would be no NBA season this year, the assurances, promises and optimism expressed by Stern therein rings a bit hollow, at least to me.

Granted, I am far too lazy and disinterested to spend my time poring over pages upon pages of breakdowns, analysis and whatnot to determine exactly what was agreed upon between the players and the owners, the fact alone that the climate still apparently exists where the Los Angeles Lakers are making waves related to their attempt — no matter how far-fetched the aspirations may be — to land both the New Orleans Hornets’ Chris Paul and the Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard in some kind of mind-boggling mega-deal causes me to arrive at the conclusion that the upcoming season — which Stern promises to be an exciting one —  simply will be business as usual for the NBA, typified by the glamorous teams dominating the landscape while less sexy teams scrape around for scraps left at the bottom of the barrel. Doesn’t sound like the new collective bargaining agreement, in its design, provides more competitive balance for league, even though Stern assures us that’s what it is designed to do.